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Fastest 100m by a pantomime horse (team – female)

Samantha Kavanagh (the front) and Melissa Archer (the rear) (both UK) completed a distance of 100m remaining inside their pantomime horse costume for the entire race in a time of 18.13 sec at an event organized by the advertising agency Claydon Heeley Jones Mason at Harrow School, Harrow-on-the Hill, Middlesex, UK, on 18 August 2005.

Fastest 20 m bum walk

The fastest 20 metre bum walk is 1 min 4.05 sec and was achieved by Harriet Pickrell (UK) at an event organised by James Hay Partnership (UK), in Salisbury, UK, on 19 July 2013. This was one of three Guinness World Records title broken on the day by employees of James Hay Partnership in an event held at Salisbury and South Wilts Sports Club.

Fastest 360° flip of a car (team)

The fastest 360° flip of a car by a team is 5.25 seconds and was achieved by Jervis Manupenu, Jonny Mirza and Pete Hill (all UK) on the set of Guinness World Records Smashed at Pinewood Studios, UK, on 15 April 2009. All three are members of the Bracknell rugby team. They competed agains three wrestlers.

Fastest circumnavigation by helicopter (female)

Jennifer Murray (UK) piloted her Robinson R44 helicopter around the world solo in 99 days from 31 May to 6 September 2000. The journey started and finished at Brooklands airfield in Surrey, UK, and crossed 30 countries. Remarkably, Murray was 60 at the time of the record attempt. Her average speed was 16.99 km/h (10.55 mph).

Fastest circumnavigation by microlight

Colin Bodill (UK) circumnavigated the globe in his Mainair Blade 912 Flexwing microlight aircraft in 99 days from 31 May to 6 September 2000, starting and landing at Brooklands airfield, Weybridge, Surrey, UK. Accompanying Jennifer Murray on her successful solo helicopter circumnavigation journey, the pair covered approximately 35,000 km (21,750 miles), covering 30 countries.

Fastest circumnavigation by scheduled flights with one airline

The fastest circumnavigation of the globe on scheduled flights with a single airline was 59 hours and 58 minutes, set by Brother Michael Bartlett who travelled with Air New Zealand between 21 – 24 November 2006. Journey was: London – Hong Kong Hong Kong – Auckland Auckland – Christchurch Christchurch – Auckland Auckland – Los Angeles Los Angeles – London

Fastest circumnavigation of Great Britain by powerboat

The fastest circumnavigation of mainland Britain (not including Ireland) took 27 hr 10 min at an average speed of 53.5 knots (99.1 km/h or 61.6 mph) and was accomplished by Neil McGrigor, Tony Jenvey, Jeremy Watts and John Guille (all UK) in Bradstone Challenger a Bladerunner 51 powerboat. The 1,469 nautical mile (2,721 km or 1,691 mile) journey started in Southampton on 11 August 2005 and finished there the following day. Official UIM record (see www.roundbritainrecord.com for more info).